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Cassini Gateway, Thea Development’s data center campus in Sherman, Texas, is on a portion of Progress Park, a 3,300+ acre industrial park 60 miles north of Dallas in Sherman, TX along Interstate 75.

Thea Development has an exclusive right to develop data centers on Progress Park.  

Of particular interest, Panda Power commissioned a 758 MW gas fired cogeneration power plant in July 2014 and has room for expansion.  

The site is shovel ready with excellent access to interstate-quality US 75, a network of established and expanding concrete roads, more than 20 million gallons per day of water, all utilities, and a professional fire department.  

Major airports include Love Field (50 miles) and Dallas Fort Wort (70 miles).
Access to high voltage electric lines, natural gas transmission lines, industrial scale water line, existing concrete road network, and municipal water and sewage in a business friendly environment allow for rapid development of a campus at Cassini Gateway.  Panda Sherman Power, located within the same development, provides the opportunity to work with the existing power plant in the future or to develop custom generation for the campus on its expansion area.


Our site is located in rural Pennsylvania and offers an abundance of low cost energy, a mild climate, and low incidence of natural disasters.  Energy availability includes three transmission lines in the vicinity and the potential for dedicated onsite power generation.

A competitive tax environment is a key consideration, and we are seeking approval of an enterprise zone that would exempt state and local taxes for ten years.  Local communities have embraced the initiative enthusiastically.

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