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Introducting Cassini Gateway

Sherman, Texas


Cassini Gateway I Data Center Campus is a master-planned data center development located north of Dallas in Sherman, Texas, just off highway FM 1417 and US Highway 75.  Progress Park is a 3,300-acre industrial park developed [MG1] by the Sherman Economic Development Corporation (SEDCO) and contains several data center development parcels with the Cassini Gateway I Campus slated to occupy the 186-acre Park I parcel. This parcel is able to accommodate more than 1 million square feet of building footprint, yielding over 600,000 SQ/F of data hall space.



The campus has access to several sources of energy in multiple markets, is situated near a new combined cycle power plant, and has access to substantial amounts of water from multiple sources — a combination that provides a cost and reliability advantage now and for many years to come.



Shared infrastructure, including a substation and microgrid, create economies of scale that lower capital and operating costs without sacrificing reliability.



Existing State and Local tax abatement and cash incentives that are based on job creation and investment are very competitive, making Cassini Gateway a favorable location for data centers.



This is a shovel ready greenfield site with existing concrete roads, utilities, storm water management, fire hydrants, and other infrastructure necessary for development.


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