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Setting the Stage for Data Centers

Thea Development provides the site, infrastructure, and resources companies need to build and operate independent, web scale data centers.  We create an environment that achieves economies of scale that are otherwise unavailable.

Our site selection process must meet the stringent requirements for data centers and have an energy competitive advantage — cost, flexibility, efficiency.

Cassini Gateway in Sherman, Texas stands as an example.  It meets the industry’s standard requirements such as access to transmission lines, low risk assessment, site access, utilities, work force, safety, and fiber that any site must.  Going further, its location near a new, efficient combined cycle power plant virtually eliminates the risk of excess demand on the transmission line that increases cost.  It can also access energy markets — including renewables — in Oklahoma as well as Texas, accommodate an on-site solar field, and accept treated wastewater for cooling.

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Analysis and Strategy

Developing a comprehensive strategy that allows large data centers to adapt to rapidly changing environments requires a combination of data analysis and field experience.  Our team includes experienced engineers, power developers, construction, economists and investors that understand nuances of data centers and energy, helping that illuminate the path forward.

Infrastructure Design & Managent

Our approach to design is to provide the reliability data centers require cost effectively and to allow future expansion quickly and without disruption.  Building flexibility into the system enhances the future opportunities for the facilities, keeping options open in changing environments.

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